The World Great Grand Master Beach Ultimate Club Championship is  organized by BULA with the intent of promoting the growth of Beach Ultimate in the Great Grand Master division. Similarly to the 2018 edition (organized by Jasper Sky, and BULA recommended) the 2nd edition will take place from the 25th to the 29th of September 2021 in Spiaggia di Porto Giunco, Sardinia, Italy. If you have any comments/questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sofia Pereira at or Pedro Vargas at

  1. Number of divisions
    There will be one division: Open. Due to the increasing interest of female players, we strongly suggest that each team works towards having at least one woman on the roster.
  2. Number of teams per division
    Sixteen (16) club teams – limit imposed by the venue.
  3. Qualification for bids
    Any club team can participate.

    1. Awarding bids
      All teams will be ranked and the 16 bids will be awarded in the following order:

      1. If there are 16 or more teams interested in participating, there will be a maximum of 3 teams per country;
      2. Club teams that filled out the expression of interest and ranked in the top 8 at WGGMBUCC2018 will be offered a bid. Criteria for granting the remaining  bids will be:
        1. Club teams that were in the previous edition and that do not have their country represented in the top 8 will be offered a bid;
        2. Club teams whose country is not represented by the above criteria will be offered a bid;
        3. For all remaining teams, the positions for offering bids will be ranked randomly. If a club team is selected that already has 3 club teams from the same country, that team will be removed from the pool of teams until 16 teams are selected, after which time that team will be placed back into the pool to be randomly chosen for ranking  (and ranked in the order that they are picked). If teams do not accept their bids, teams on the waiting list will be offered a bid in the order of ranking as long as there are less than 3 teams from their nation. (ie. if a fourth Club team from the country Happyland is ranked number 17, that team only gets a bid if a team from Happyland cancels).
        4. Teams granted a bid cannot transmit their bid to another team.Please note: Currier Island has been an integral part of WGGM beach championships, allowing for players from countries not represented in the club teams to  participate in the championship. Therefore, the Currier Island club team(s) will be considered as a nation for the purposes of bid allocation.
    2. Securing bids
        1. Bids are secured by payment of the corresponding team fee (€1000/team) before 20 July 2021. 
        2. BULA will not refund team fees;
  4. Team rosters
    1. Team Size
      1. Maximum team size is twenty  (20) athletes;
      2. Minimum team size is ten (10) athletes;
      3. No restrictions are made for non-players including family, friends, coaches, physios, support staff, etc.
    2. Player Eligibility
      1. A single player may not participate in more than one team.
      2. Age eligibility for the Great GrandMaster Division – Available for male players who reach at least their 48th birthdays during the calendar year in which the tournament begins (i.e. born in or before 1973) and female players who reach at least their 45th birthday during the calendar year in which the tournament begins (i.e. born in or before 1976).
    3. Roster submission
      1. Final rosters for all teams participating at the WGGMBUCC 2021 should be provided by the 1st of September 2021, and changes to rosters by September 15th the latest. 
    4. Player fees
      1. Player fees (to be announced August 1st) are due August 25,  2021.