On November 24, 16 bids were offered to teams based on the WGGMBUCC Bid Allocation and Eligibility Rules.

Teams offered a bid:

  • Merica (USA, organized by Dan Powers)
  • Young Legends (Germany, organized by Peter (Hägar) Staffansson)
  • Borderline (USA and Canada,organized by Daniel McConville)
  • Team Finland (Finland, organized by Mikael Suoranta)
  • Ragnarök (Sweden, organized by Jonn Peter (JP) Gardshol)
  • Tombstoned (United Kingdom, organized by Paul Holden)
  • Blue Zone (Netherlands, organized by Jeroen Oort)
  • SOUP (Canada, organized by Craig Stephen)
  • Mountainbeachers (Switzerland, organized by Peter Hüsler)
  • M&P (France, organized by Olivier Gailliegue)
  • Man Down (USA, organized by Kao Wang)
  • The Eh! Team (Canada, organized by Clare Gee and Barry Goldlist)
  • Flash (United Kingdom, organized by Steve Giguere)
  • Les Invalides (France, organized by Scott Edwards)
  • JETS (France, organized by Loic Langlois)
  • Bravas (Spain, organized by Susie Distler and David Quesada)

Teams on the waiting list (in order*):

  • Meet me at the Bar (Germany, organized by Verena Brucklacher)
  • Sidelined DISCiples (Sweden, organized by Fredrik Hedström)
  • Tombstone (Canada, organized by David Lewis)
  • GAUL (Germany, organized by Uwe Kikul)
  • Santa Barbara Eldors (USA, organized by Matthew Shaff)

* Teams on the waiting list will be offered bids when/if any of the top 16 teams cancel based on the Bid Allocation & Eligibility Rules. Therefore, teams on the waiting list will be offered bids in the order of ranking as long as there are less than 3 teams from their nation. (ie. if a fourth Club team from the country Happyland is ranked number 17, that team only gets  offered a bid if a team from Happyland cancels).