Any questions that we receive at that might also affect other teams will be answered here.

No, Beach Ultimate is played without Game Advisors or Observers.

Playing barefoot is highly recommended, but players may wear socks or any kind of foot covering of a similar texture, so long as the soles are bendable and are not thicker than 3 millimetres.

The game schedule will likely to be released 4 weeks before the start of the event. However, there will be at least 2 games a day per team (8 games in total over the 4 days) and a long lunchtime break daily.

No, medical insurance is not included, therefore please do make sure that all players have appropriate travel insurance for competing at a sports event in Italy.

All the players, coaches and support staff are required to download, print and sign the rules knowledge and player agreement forms and bring them to Portugal to be submitted at the tournament registration. It is very important to bring a printed copy with an original signature with you. More details on what paperwork you’ll need to bring will be on the website soon. Your Team Administrators will be informed of all of these requirements at the appropriate time.

No, copies of Player and Non-Player ID’s are not required.

Team fees are 1000 € and are due April 15, 2024.

Player fees (175€) are due August 15th 2024.

All players must be eligible to play in the Great Grand Master Division – Available for male players who reach at least their 48th birthdays during the calendar year in which the tournament begins (i.e. born in or before 1976) and female players who reach at least their 45th birthday during the calendar year in which the tournament begins (i.e. born in or before 1979). There will be no exceptions.

A team must have a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of twenty (20) players registered on its roster for the event and at least three (4) women. There is no limit on the total number of non-playing guests, family, coaches, support staff, etc.

WGGMBUCC2024 will celebrate a loose mixed 4:1 / 3:2 male to female ratio. At least one woman per team must take the field on every point and Offence can choose to play 3:2 by placing two women on the field.