Have you ever heard that “it takes a village to raise a child? This African proverb can also be applied to hosting a tournament, where the Staff, Volunteers, and Partners are key. Considering that the upcoming 2022 edition of WGGMBUCC will take place directly after EBUCC2022, we will all be working together for a few weeks and look forward to hosting a great event. Meet our fantastic partners by reading more below:

BULA is very thankful for the repeated partnerships the Municipality of Portimão, the Portuguese Flying Disc Association (APUDD), ULTI.TV, Ultimate Focus Photography, and Eurodisc. We are also very happy to announce a new partnership with Lookfly/VC for swag.

The Municipality of Portimão has played an essential role in WGGMBUCC, and provided BULA with the beach access and licenses, helped with building the venue, supplied electricity and water, and many other items. BULA is very thankful for their continued support!

BULA strongly appreciates the ongoing collaboration of The Portuguese Flying Disc Association, their support of the Portuguese Club teams, and their ongoing efforts to continue to develop Beach Ultimate and Disc Sports in Portugal! APUDD will be focusing on National public relations and social media.

For the filming and broadcasting of games, the ULTI.TV crew will be working to broadcast of 40+ games live! ULTI.TV is a global ultimate frisbee production company that has been producing Ultimate since 2010 worldwide, and have broadcast games in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and USA. ULTI.TV would like to make self-officiated Ultimate bigger than football. They believe this goal will change the world for the better. We agree!

The photographer Quentin Dupré from Focus Ultimate-France will be snapping awesome pictures throughout the event! We look forward to seeing what he captures of you competing, socializing, and just being your ultimate awesome self.

BULA has a standing partnership with Eurodisc, and strongly believes in their mission of making sustainable discs available to everyone! We can’t wait to see Eurodisc’s Pink beauties in your hands and in the air at WGGMBUCC, we just love the way they fly!

Last but not least, for this edition, VC/Lookfly will be our partner for swag, so make sure you bring a few extra Euros to spend on their high-quality Ultimate equipment. We are all going to look great on the beach.

See you all in October!