BULA and Ichnos are happy to organize WGGMBUCC2023 – where 16 GGM club teams will compete to be World champions! 

The 16 teams currently registered (by order of registration date) are:

  1. Les Jets (France, organized by Olivier Chevalier)
  2. Team Merica (USA, organized by Peter Nieh and Dan Powers)
  3. Flash (Great Britain, organized by Rouven Schreck)
  4. Team Finland (Finland, organized by Mikael Suoranta)
  5. Currier Island (Currier Island Global, organized by Eric Teuton)
  6. Young Legends (Germany, organized by Peter (Hägar) Staffansson)
  7. Pushing Daisies (Canada, organized by Karlis Bouse)
  8. No Tsu Oh (USA, organized by Sean McCall)
  9. Tragic Hips (Canada, organized by Daniel Gwartz)
  10. Run Down (Previously known as Man Down, USA, organized by Kao Wang)
  11. Mountain Beachers (Switzerland, organized by René Ackermann and Peter Hüsler)
  12. Westcoast (Sweden, organized by Jonas Colmsjö)
  13. Hurt (USA and Canada, organized by Daniel McConville)
  14. Blue Zone (Netherlands, organized by Jeroen Oort)
  15. Tombstone (Canada, organized by David Lewis)
  16. Rainbow Warriors (Sweden, organized by Albin Wiberg)

If you are interested in rostering a team,  contact us to be added to the waiting list. 

By the end of April, the current 16 teams will able to secure their bids by paying the team fee. Any team on the waiting list will be accepted if teams cancel, in the order of the date that they register.