BULA is happy to organize WGGMBUCC a few days after EBUCC2022 – and thus moderate the environmental impact involved in building the tournament venue, volunteer and staff travel, etc.

Although registration is currently closed, you can still contact us to be added – once we reach 20 teams, your team will be placed on the waiting list. 

Teams registered (by order of registration date):

  1.  Currier Island (Currier Island Global, organized by Christoph Dehnhardt)
  2. Team Finland (Finland, organized by Mikael Suoranta)
  3. Team Merica (USA, organized by Peter Nieh and Dan Powers)
  4. Young Legends (Germany, organized by Peter (Hägar) Staffansson)
  5. Best Before (Canada, organized by Kandace Terris)
  6. Man Down (USA, organized by Kao Wang)
  7. Les Jets (France, organized by Olivier Chevalier)
  8. Hurt (USA and Canada, organized by Daniel McConville)
  9. Pushing Daisies (Canada, organized by Karlis Bouse)
  10. Rainbow Warriors (Sweden, organized by Albin Wiberg)
  11.  No Tsu Oh (USA, organized by Sean McCall)
  12. Tragic Hips (Canada, organized by Daniel Gwartz)
  13. Westcoast (Sweden, organized by Jonas Colmsjö)
  14. Beers (Japan, organized by Toru Yajima)
  15. Mountain Beachers (Switzerland, organized by René Ackermann)
  16. Flash (Great Britain, organized by Rouven Schreck)